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Pitbull Toys – 1 Toy Your Dog Can’t Destroy includes a Lifetime Warranty

Pitbull Toys - GoughNuts MAXX50

Here are 5 of the most indestructible dog toys for pit bulls:

Finding the most durable pitbull toys is a hit or miss and usually ends with torn bits and pieces all over the place. What’s worse, a bad quality toy could end up sending your pit bull to the emergency room!

The search is finally over.

Here we’ve compiled a list of five of the highest rated, and most trusted dog toys for really aggressive chewers. If your dog can chew through these, then perhaps only steel belted radials would do.

1. KONG Extreme

KONG is the original ‘tough as nails’ chew toy, and probably one of the most recognized and respected dog toy brands. Their reputation has certainly been paid for through their own merit. These are some seriously tough toys.

Having been on the market for over 40 years now, the KONG classic is still a top favorite among dog owners. With its signature hard to reach treat chamber, this toy is guaranteed to keep your dog busy for hours on end. Stuff it with treats, cheese, or even freeze in a block of water. This dog toy is extremely versatile.

Rated at a very strong 4.4 stars on Amazon, this is one of the best toys for aggressive chewers, and is an awesome bargain at a paltry $11.00.

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2. GoughNuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

Number two on our list is the GoughNuts MAXX. This one is the original Chew Ring (donut) line designed and made right here in the US. This is an extremely tough chew toy. Also  The specially formulated rubber inside of the GoughNuts is designed so you’ll never have to worry about losing this thing in the bottom of a pond or a pool, IT FLOATS!

Watch the demo video below. At around 3 minutes, they use it to lift a 2 ton pickup truck… Try doing that with any other chew toy!

The Chew Ring is recommended by law enforcement for really strong dogs or dogs who have a history of destroying lower quality toys.

The GoughNuts measures 5″ x 5″ x 2.5″. This thing is HUGE! Almost 2.5 x larger than the Kong!

The best part is that GoughNuts offers a lifetime guarantee promising to replace it if your dog does the impossible and destroys it.

GoughNuts Guarantee: If your dog chews through the outside layer to expose the red layer, GoughNuts will replace your toy!”.

Rated at 4.3 stars on Amazon, this chew toy sells at $32.93. A great value considering the durability of the toy and the lifetime guarantee offered by GoughNuts.

Buy it for life… this will probably be the last chew toy you’ll ever buy.

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Watch this promotional video from GoughNuts:

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Do you still need more reasons to buy the GoughNuts TODAY?

Check out these glowing reviews from other Pitbull owners:

Amazon REview - GoughNuts MAXX50 Pitbull Toys

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Pitbull Toys - GoughNuts


3. GoughNuts MAXX Black Stick

GoughNuts is a relative newcomer to the chew toy marketplace. However, they’re certainly making a splash with their line of extremely durable (if not completely indestructible) rubber chew toys. The MAXX black stick model’s durability makes for a really tough throw toy for those dogs that like to play fetch.

GoughNuts is so confident that their product will withstanding the most vicious chewers, that they’re offering a complete lifetime guarantee.

According to their website: GoughNuts Guarantee: If your dog chews through the outside layer to expose the red layer, GoughNuts will replace your toy!”.

Rated at an average of 3.9 stars on Amazon, this product is currently retailing for $27.95 on Amazon. Which isn’t bad, considering that it may be the last chew toy you buy.

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4. Nylabone Dura Chew

Nylabone is another highly recognizable, tried and true brand. Offering an excellent and irresistible product at a very economical price.

The Dura Chew model comes in different flavors including Chicken, Peanut Butter, and Bacon. These are the kind of toys that’ll keep any heavy chewer at bay. Though not nearly as indestructible as the GoughNuts or the KONG, these toys do last for a very long time, and as an added bonus, the flavors are irresistible to most dogs.

Rated at an outstanding 4.3 stars by Amazon buyers, the Nylabone is a great buy at $8.31.

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5. West Paw Zogoflex

West Paw, like GoughNuts is also a relative newcomer to the chew toy market.

Offering a variety of shapes and sizes, this company is starting to really turn heads with their unique designs, and product warranty.

West Paw stands by their product, guaranteeing it for life against any and all pet damage.

Rated at 4.2 stars and priced at $14.95 this product is real a steal!

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NamePriceRatingGuaranteeBest Deal
Goughnuts - Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX
KONG Extreme
$11.00 No
GoughNuts MAXX Black Stick
Nylabone Dura Chew
West Paw Zogoflex

Are you a Pitbull owner and recommend another toy?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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Best Deshedder for Dogs

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6 Reasons Your Dog Still Pulls on Leash – And an Easy Way to Stop It


When I first got my dog, I had so many things that I needed to get done being a new pet owner. I have a lot of love for my dog and I look for all the right things to provide the proper care and training. What I didn’t think about is training her on a leash. So I struggled with her always pulling when we would go out for walks. Here are some tips that I found that could help train dogs on leashes.

1) Start Early

It’s always best to start training them when they are still puppies. Before letting them roam out in the wild, start them off in a controlled environment, indoors and off the leash. Teaching them to be next to us while walking is a great way to prevent early stages of pulling on leashes.

2) Encouragement

Encouraging my dog with a pet and a treat helps her understand that good behavior will have rewards. How to stop a dog from pulling on leash, there needs to be praise from us with an encouraging “yes” so that our dog’s are aware of what they are doing right.

3) Stop Always Saying “No”

As I’ve stated before, encouraging is the best way to train so that we get the best behavior from our dogs. Instead of always saying no, treat them when they are doing what we want them to do so it shows proper encouragement to keep doing what we want them to do.

4) Don’t Be in such a Rush

One of the most significant reasons that a dog pulls on leash is when we take them out for walks and they want to pull us in every direction possible because of all the smells they encounter. How to stop dog from pulling on leash is by allowing them some time to wander and receive all these different smells left behind. The best way to train them not to pull on the harness is by teaching them to look back at us first to get permission that going over to that area is okay.

5) Be Gentle

When a dog pulls on leash we automatically want to pull them back to us but that can cause some harm to our pets. How to stop dog from pulling on leash we should gently tug them back to get their attention to come back to our direction. We shouldn’t pull them back aggressively because it would hurt our dogs and we wouldn’t get the right response from them.

6) The Right Equipment

Picking out the best equipment for our dogs is crucial to their wellbeing. Choosing the proper harness can help prevent any damage to our dogs when they do start to pull. The best kind to use is the Freedom Harness where it has a proper fit around the dogs body instead of just around the neck so it is comfortable for them. As dog lovers, we should find ways that can better our pets lives and by giving them encouragement, love and care we are able to not only train them the right way but have a great connection with them.

Best No Pull Dog Harness

This is the absolute best in preventing or assisting in training your dog to no pull on the leash. This really easy to use, and human training harness attaches the lead to the front part of the chest, unlike other harness that attached behind the shoulders. The moment your dog tries to take the lead and walk in front of your, the leash simply spins the dog right around to face you. Just make sure you keep enough slack in the front part of the harness to keep it comfortable for your furry little friend.

Easy, humane, and bottom line… it works.

No-Pull Easy Dog Walking Harness

best no pull dog harness

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Male vs Female German Shepherd – Which is right for you?

Male vs Female German Shepherd

First things first…

If you’re getting ready to purchase or adopt a GSD, you may be wondering whether the difference between a male vs female German Shepherd puppy. Their differences are important.

First, it is important to understand that every dog has its own personality outside of their breed and gender characteristics.

For instance, you could have two wildly variant personalities even amongst siblings raised in the same environment. So making a generalization of how your dog will turn out based on gender is… just that… a generalization. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about the general characteristics and differences between male and female German Shepherd Dogs (GSD).

Male vs Female German Shepherd Comparison

General Characteristics of Male German Shepherd Dogs:

  • Male GSD’s tend to hoard and guard their toys and food when they’re mis-trained. This is an important characteristic of the breed that is crucial to recognize and strive to keep them from developing this tendency.
  • Male German Shepherd Dogs have very dominant personalities especially in the absence of a strong “pack leader” or Alpha. When this happens, they basically do what they want, when they want.
  • They can be very territorial over their “owner” or “master” against strangers. They generally love the rest of the family equally, only that it’s more pronounced over their “master”.
  • Male GSD tend to bond the most to one person in the family over others. This person is usually the person that trains them, or feeds them.
  • Males are typically better as personal “security” dogs.
  • Male GSD are usually larger and heavier than their female GSD counterparts.

General Characteristics of Female German Shepherd Dogs:

  • Female GSD’s are less likely than males to hoard or guard their possessions or food from other members of the family.
  • Females can also become dominant in the absence of a pack leader or alpha, only less pronounced than with male GSD.
  • Female German Shepherds can be less territorial than males when protecting their homes and family.
  • They also bond to a particular person in the family, but are also loving with the others.
  • Female GSD are typically better as “whole house” security dogs as they are emotionally attached to all members of the family and not just one.
  • They are more sensitive than males, and can therefore respond better to training for agility, and show obstacles.
  • Females are great with children, and are somewhat tolerant with strangers.
  • Females are usually smaller than Male GSD.

Okay, so which should I get?

Well… that all depends. Will your dog be a working dog? A family pet? A guard dog?

These are all critical questions that need to be answered before choosing the sex of your GSD.

Clearly the differences per the lists above explain how Males are better suited as working dogs, particularly as personal protective companions. Females on the other hand seem to make better family pets. They’re more docile, easier to train (if you’re not a professional), and more tolerant of children and strangers.

Finally, if you’re a first time GSD owner, then I would highly recommend a Female, again for their ease of training and docility. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced GSD owner, and would like to train your GSD for personal protection or as a working dog, then get a Male.

For more information on GSD’s, check out this community:

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Differences Between Male and Female Dogs

male vs female dogs

So you’re ready to adopt a new puppy or dog but there are so many breed options and not to mention choosing the sex of the dog. This guide can help to explain the main similarities and difference between male and female puppies.

Male vs Female Dogs

  • Some male dogs are very stable and are not as emotional as female dogs.
  • When your puppy is not neutered or spayed, the puppy may be emotional, regardless of sex, because they are still intact. They may try to dominate the owner more so than if they were spayed or neutered.
  • Whether or not your male dog is fixed, they may still have tendencies to want to lift their leg and urinate to mark their territory. Female dogs generally have less of an urge to mark their territory and thus can be easier to toilet train.
  • Speaking of training, it is thought that since female dogs tend to reach maturity quicker than male dogs, they are easier to train sooner. This does not mean that male dogs cannot be trained easier, it just means that you can start training female dogs earlier with positive results.
  • Female dogs have also been linked with higher cognitive abilities, meaning they are more mentally sharp and have better sight than male dogs. Male dogs, on the other hand, are better with smelling and tracking than female dogs.
  • Remember that a female dog that is not fixed will go into heat twice a year. This could lead to unwanted pregnancies or messes around your home. It is suggested to get female dogs fixed at an early age to avoid heat and other emotional issues.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

The difference between male and female puppies are important to understand, but there are also other factors that contribute to a dog’s behavior. The type of breed may contribute to a dog’s behavior and their ability to be easily trained. Some breeds’ behavior may be vastly different from another just because they were bred for a different purpose.

In addition, the amount of training and the environment that the dog is in may contribute to their temperament. You should make sure to give your male or female dog the proper training, attention, and love in order to get the best out of your new furry friend. You should also make sure to read up on your dog’s breed to understand how best to train them.

This guide should adequately prepare you for what to expect when choosing between a male vs female dogs by showing you the important differences between the sexes. In addition to the behavioral differences, you should pay attention to the type of breed and also the environment that you raise the dog in. In summary, while a dog’s sex may help contribute to its ability to be trained more easily, and the breed of the dog can have certain traits, it really is about the nurturing environment that you provide to your dog.