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Differences Between Male and Female Dogs

male vs female dogs

So you’re ready to adopt a new puppy or dog but there are so many breed options and not to mention choosing the sex of the dog. This guide can help to explain the main similarities and difference between male and female puppies.

Male vs Female Dogs

  • Some male dogs are very stable and are not as emotional as female dogs.
  • When your puppy is not neutered or spayed, the puppy may be emotional, regardless of sex, because they are still intact. They may try to dominate the owner more so than if they were spayed or neutered.
  • Whether or not your male dog is fixed, they may still have tendencies to want to lift their leg and urinate to mark their territory. Female dogs generally have less of an urge to mark their territory and thus can be easier to toilet train.
  • Speaking of training, it is thought that since female dogs tend to reach maturity quicker than male dogs, they are easier to train sooner. This does not mean that male dogs cannot be trained easier, it just means that you can start training female dogs earlier with positive results.
  • Female dogs have also been linked with higher cognitive abilities, meaning they are more mentally sharp and have better sight than male dogs. Male dogs, on the other hand, are better with smelling and tracking than female dogs.
  • Remember that a female dog that is not fixed will go into heat twice a year. This could lead to unwanted pregnancies or messes around your home. It is suggested to get female dogs fixed at an early age to avoid heat and other emotional issues.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

The difference between male and female puppies are important to understand, but there are also other factors that contribute to a dog’s behavior. The type of breed may contribute to a dog’s behavior and their ability to be easily trained. Some breeds’ behavior may be vastly different from another just because they were bred for a different purpose.

In addition, the amount of training and the environment that the dog is in may contribute to their temperament. You should make sure to give your male or female dog the proper training, attention, and love in order to get the best out of your new furry friend. You should also make sure to read up on your dog’s breed to understand how best to train them.

This guide should adequately prepare you for what to expect when choosing between a male vs female dogs by showing you the important differences between the sexes. In addition to the behavioral differences, you should pay attention to the type of breed and also the environment that you raise the dog in. In summary, while a dog’s sex may help contribute to its ability to be trained more easily, and the breed of the dog can have certain traits, it really is about the nurturing environment that you provide to your dog.

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