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6 Reasons Your Dog Still Pulls on Leash – And an Easy Way to Stop It


When I first got my dog, I had so many things that I needed to get done being a new pet owner. I have a lot of love for my dog and I look for all the right things to provide the proper care and training. What I didn’t think about is training her on a leash. So I struggled with her always pulling when we would go out for walks. Here are some tips that I found that could help train dogs on leashes.

1) Start Early

It’s always best to start training them when they are still puppies. Before letting them roam out in the wild, start them off in a controlled environment, indoors and off the leash. Teaching them to be next to us while walking is a great way to prevent early stages of pulling on leashes.

2) Encouragement

Encouraging my dog with a pet and a treat helps her understand that good behavior will have rewards. How to stop a dog from pulling on leash, there needs to be praise from us with an encouraging “yes” so that our dog’s are aware of what they are doing right.

3) Stop Always Saying “No”

As I’ve stated before, encouraging is the best way to train so that we get the best behavior from our dogs. Instead of always saying no, treat them when they are doing what we want them to do so it shows proper encouragement to keep doing what we want them to do.

4) Don’t Be in such a Rush

One of the most significant reasons that a dog pulls on leash is when we take them out for walks and they want to pull us in every direction possible because of all the smells they encounter. How to stop dog from pulling on leash is by allowing them some time to wander and receive all these different smells left behind. The best way to train them not to pull on the harness is by teaching them to look back at us first to get permission that going over to that area is okay.

5) Be Gentle

When a dog pulls on leash we automatically want to pull them back to us but that can cause some harm to our pets. How to stop dog from pulling on leash we should gently tug them back to get their attention to come back to our direction. We shouldn’t pull them back aggressively because it would hurt our dogs and we wouldn’t get the right response from them.

6) The Right Equipment

Picking out the best equipment for our dogs is crucial to their wellbeing. Choosing the proper harness can help prevent any damage to our dogs when they do start to pull. The best kind to use is the Freedom Harness where it has a proper fit around the dogs body instead of just around the neck so it is comfortable for them. As dog lovers, we should find ways that can better our pets lives and by giving them encouragement, love and care we are able to not only train them the right way but have a great connection with them.

Best No Pull Dog Harness

This is the absolute best in preventing or assisting in training your dog to no pull on the leash. This really easy to use, and human training harness attaches the lead to the front part of the chest, unlike other harness that attached behind the shoulders. The moment your dog tries to take the lead and walk in front of your, the leash simply spins the dog right around to face you. Just make sure you keep enough slack in the front part of the harness to keep it comfortable for your furry little friend.

Easy, humane, and bottom line… it works.

No-Pull Easy Dog Walking Harness

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